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19 years experience

ADR is a team of consultants who began working in 1988, in a variety of fields, but who all adopt the same double approach, operating both at the technical level and at the level of social relationships, in several domains:

The main target market is SMEs. However we also work for some big companies, including banks, in the specific field of data management.

In every situation ADR emphasizes a technological and social approach, working to understand production processes and their changes, working to identify new products and new markets.

All ADR's consultants are well qualified employees in their respective fields, able to work all around the world, but especially in the countries where they have previous experience.

Where other qualifications are needed, we call upon consultants already collaborating with us. This consultancy network has been built up over recent years not only in France, but also in the rest of Europe and in Asia.

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We are located in an industrial region where SMEs are numerous in different activity sectors.

We are close to Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva, and Paris is only 2 hours away by train.

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74 route de la Balme
38390 Vertrieu
Tél: +33 474.90.69.70   Fax: +33 474.90.64.85
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